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Henry Cavendish School Playground Project

'The Squirm of Snakes' mosaic and outdoor teaching area

Pupils, teachers and parents were involved in the making of the 'Squirm of Snakes' mosaic.

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The playground was developed along a 'Jungle' theme, including a rope bridge, lagoon, and jungle planting. A circular outdoor teaching area features a 'Squirm of Snakes' mosaic developed by two artists together with pupils and teachers.

The main part of this project was carried out over the summer holidays 2003. Then, throughout the autumn term, workshops were held with the school children, creating designs for the 'Squirm of Snakes' mosaic, and parents and volunteers helped piecing the mosaic together and, eventually, putting it on the ground. In addition, a 'Snakes & Ladders' game was painted on paving slabs, also using the pupils' own designs.

Tactile paths were created using different types of pebbles, fixed in concrete, and imprints were used to create added interest and inspire the children's imagination.

The central feature is a 'jungle island' with exciting play features, including a 'wobbly bridge' and a 'jungle bridge', and featuring bamboo and other planting to emphasize the jungle feel. The play structures are set in blue safety surface (the 'lagoon').

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The workshops were led by an
experienced mosaic artist.

An innovative method was used to create patterns and prints in the concrete floor of the 'Jungle' playground.